Tammen Treeberry Farm

A family tradition

   Dec 19

Closed for the season

Tammen Treeberry Farm is now closed for the 2014 Christmas season. We hope to see you next year. Thank you for coming to visit our farm to choose and cut your own Christmas tree. We wish everyone a merry Christmas.

   Dec 15

December 19 is the last day open this season

We will be open through Friday, December 19. Friday is the last day we will be open this season. Until then, we will be open daily from 8 until 4:30.

   Nov 04

Christmas trees

We will begin selling Christmas trees on the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 28.  Starting then, we will be open daily from 8 till 4:30.  The price is $50 for any tree you choose and cut yourself.  If you want the tree shaken and baled, there is a $7 charge for that.  We have Douglas fir up to about 12 feet.  We have Fraser fir and Canaan fir up to about 8 feet.  We have white pine and Scotch pine up to about 14 feet.  We accept cash; checks; and Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

   Aug 04

Closed for the season

Sorry, we are now closed for the season.  In a typical year, blueberry season begins around mid-July and lasts for about 3 or 4 weeks.  We hope to see you next year.

   Aug 01

Closed until Monday, August 4

We have almost finished the blueberry season for this year.  There is one small area that has a few berries.  A Saturday crowd would sweep over it quickly.  We are closed until Monday.  On Monday, we will be open from 8 AM until we are picked out.

   Jul 30

Second pick

There are fewer berries on the bushes for the second pick.  The berries are also smaller.  It will take longer to pick the same amount of berries.  We will be open at least through Friday, August 1.  We will have to see how much ground we have covered through Friday to determine whether to be open on Saturday.  If you are interested in picking on Saturday, August 2, check with us late on Friday to see if we will be open.

   Jul 23

We will re-open on Wednesday, July 30

On Wednesday, July 30, we will begin the 2nd pick.  There will not be as many berries on the bushes as earlier in the season and the berries will be smaller.  Nevertheless, there will be quite a few berries to be picked.  We will be closed until then in order to give the berries more time to ripen.

   Jul 22

Open Wednesday, July 23 until 11 AM

The first pick is almost finished.  We will be open Wednesday, July 23 until 11 AM or until we are picked out.  While there are a significant number of berries to be picked, there are not enough to last all day if we have a large crowd.  The second pick will be ready next week sometime around mid-week.  We will have to close for several days to give the berries more time to ripen.  We have had large crowds who have picked the berries faster than they can ripen.

   Jul 21

First pick soon ending

We have had large crowds since we opened. There are also fewer berries this year. We are nearing the end of the first pick. If you are planning on coming Wednesday or Thursday July 23 or 24, it would be a good idea to check near then to see if we are open at that time. We will have a second pick, but it is will not be ready this week. We may have to close for several days to give the berries more time to ripen.

   Jul 06

Pick your own blueberries

You may pick your own blueberries beginning Thursday, July 17.  Beginning then, we will be open from 8 till 4:30 daily, except we are closed on Sundays.  The season usually lasts about 3 or 4 weeks.  The price is $1.98 per pound for pick-your-own blueberries.  We will not have ready-picked berries available early in the season, nor are we taking orders, at this time.  Please, check with us later in the season.  Those who usually come to our farm by driving south on 55 are advised to seek an alternate route due to the construction on 55 south of Joliet.  At times, there are lengthy delays.